12.24.18 - JAMBASE

“10 Standout 2018 New Bands”

1.14.19 - GRATEFUL WEB

“The “Doom” part could be darkwave, the “Flamingo” part could be popwave or dreamwave, it really just depends, and we don’t want to pigeonhole ourselves onto one wave, we want to ride them all like a good surfer, but that’s definitely the genre, and the tone, and the type of music and visuals that we are trying to present.”

-Ryan Stasik [Bass]


“Bubblegum synthpop collides with eerie John Carpenter darksynth for awesomely danceable results.  There’s a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going on with our songs, so the name Doom Flamingo is very fitting.”

- Ryan Stasik [Bass]

4.28.18 - JAMBANDS.COM

“The mystery remains but in Stasik’s words, ‘Doom Flamingo rises.’”


“Stacked with a killer lineup of six musicians, the project initially came about through friendships and past collaborations, with the band featuring a number of Charleston’s most sought-after artists.”

9.25.18 - JAMBASE

“I had been listening to a lot of synthwave at the time and proposed a live synthwave band. We’ve all been put in a lot of situations where we have to pull off some ridiculous covers that we’re not used to, so I was confident we were all going to rise to this task.”

- Ross Bogan [Keys]


“The music has a very cinematic quality to it, and synthwave is story-driven music. Our songs are in accordance with a storyline that we’ve created with the lead direction of Jordan Noir, who is creating the vast majority of our artistic content.”

-Mike Quinn [Saxophone] 

10.12.18 - JAMBASE

“Chicago-based sextet Umphrey’s McGee continued Fall Tour 2018 on Thursday night at The Fillmore Charlotte in Charlotte. Umphrey’s McGee was joined by vocalist Kanika Moore as part of their first set last night.”

10.22.18 - LIVE & LISTEN

“We found ourselves losing track of time and our dance moves from the moment Doom Flamingo hit the stage. Doom started each show with a dark improv jam right before Kanika stormed the stage and stole our ears with her powerful voice. There was no time to catch your breath or take a break as Doom Flamingo mashed the gas the entire show.”

10.10.18 - POST & COURIER

“The video game slant takes not only a sonic but a visual hold on the audience, with 3-D projection mapping during live shows and with an art collaboration. Canadian dark synth and cyberpunk artist Jordan Noir is working closely with Doom Flamingo to create retro, comic book-style illustrated characters, depicting each of the band members.”


“We recorded the music first, and then Kanika came out of left field with the lyrics about making sweet love in an F-16, which was a total game changer. She nailed it; she always does.”

-Ross Bogan [Keys]

10.20.18 - 9 TO 5 MAGAZINE

“Ross is a keyboard/synth guy, and Thomas is a magical producer. So combine those elements with Kanika who can sing over anything, Sax has a huge place in the synth world and Stu White (Drummer) with the drum pad. We all found that we have these unique elements about ourselves that we were able to put together and create a perfect synth wave sound.”

-Mike Quinn (Saxophone)


"The innovative and progressive music of Doom Flamingo creates the perfect platform and synergies to create wild and wonderful beer everyone enjoys together."

-David McLean [CEO Fatty’s Beer Works]


“DOOM FLAMINGO is delicious. Especially with ‘Runaway’. Part synth-wave, retro-wave, nu-disco, the single brings the up-beat, positivity that is indicative of a past silhouette of Kenny Loggins.”