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Speakerheads NFT Mint

Nov 17, 2021

LOT_wide 1920x1080.jpg

Speakerheads Vol 1 is a collection of 8,888 randomly generated non-fungible token (NFT) artworks with a VIP pass to artists, unreleased music, and a funk-load of real world utility.

SpeakerHeads was founded by artists, musicians, developers, and supporting staff, to bring a new way of engaging with art and music to fans across the world.

To us, each SpeakerHead is more than art. SpeakerHeads are the key to a more collaborative future - for musicians, artists, and fans alike.

SpeakerHeads is a whole made of 3 parts:
🎨 The ART is where we START, and Dave Caron's signature style will be a constant throughout our regular NFT drops.
🎶 The MUSIC is our HEART, and the Founding Artists are owners, and will be a driver of future Volumes.
✨ The METAVERSE is the PRIZE, and focuses our production of cutting-edge events.

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