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Doom Flamingo Boozy Sorbet

Jan 13, 2022

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Doom Flamingo teams up with Charleston Distillery to create “Doom Flamingo Wildberry Boozy Sorbet”

The 9% abv sorbet takes Hardscoop’s popular Strawberry flavor and ramps up the punch with a kick of raspberry and blueberry. Made from all real ingredients, the end product is fresh, light, boozy, and, perhaps most importantly, PINK, matching the bands iconic namesake. Doom Flamingo, a band built on exciting and engaging live performances, matches perfectly with the distilleries push to create products that aren’t just a novelty, in short, they both pack a punch. Each pint of Hardscoop can be compared to a bottle of dessert wine, so drink responsibly.

Order Doom Flamingo sorbet in a 4,5, or 6 pack, or as part of a sampler with other Hardscoop flavors today at

I love the idea of music and bands being more than just one sensory experience. Like what would this band TASTE like? I think boozy raspberry sorbet is pretty on point. 

- Ross Bogan, Keyboardist, Doom Flamingo

One of the things we pride ourselves in about our product is that, in addition to being fun, it also packs an actual punch of booze. When you look at (at listen to) Doom, your first reaction is to the brightness and joy in both their name and music... but the more time you spend with them, the more you experience their visceral power. They really are the perfect embodiment of what we’re trying to do at Hardscoop. Pure happiness... with a kick! 

- Hardscoop rep

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