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"Fans of DOOM FLAMINGO will be delighted to know that the new EP serves as a dance floor ready alter ego to their 2020 dark, synthwave inspired masterpiece Doom. The band began recording Flamingo before the pandemic began, and tracks like “Untraditional” and “Hot Wheels” showcase the group’s evocative ability to transport listeners to another world entirely.

Though the group sounds like no one else, they take inspiration from a wide array of artists, which makes Flamingo a thrilling listen. The band points to Daft Punk, Tina Turner, and Whitney Houston as main touchstones, but one of the chief inspirations for the EP is Michelle Obama. The band even wrote “Michelle” in her honor.

“‘Michelle’ is a song dedicated to the women that exhibit love, intelligence, and charisma because it feels good to deposit positive energy and be fed with the same,” explains Moore. “I’m inspired by Michelle Obama. I was thinking of when former president Obama and his wife would party [attend live shows] and what power she must have emitted.”"

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